CosMedix offers the latest skin care and anti-aging solutions using MEDICAL STRENGTH COSMECEUTICAL products and professional in clinic peels.

A cutting edge range of skincare products using the same technology as pharmaceutical products, CosMedix commits to providing the safest, most effective and eco-friendly products, designed to make significant improvements to the skin.

It is mandatory that all drug companies must chirally correct their products so it stands to reason that if you want that same care and effectiveness in skincare products, they must be chiral too. Chiral correctives allow for a perfect linkup between a molecule in an ingredient and its related cell receptor so that the most effective result is obtained with little to no side effects.

CosMedix is also completely free of glycolic acid, artificial colours, fragrance and filling agents like propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulphate making it the perfect choice for all skin conditions to create change but with minimal irritation and inflammation.

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