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“I’ve been seeing Sally for 10 years and when she moved from Hawthorn to Prahran last year I was very keen to stay with her. I trust her 100% with my skincare and I know that she will always recommend a program that works well for me. I am very happy with the way my skin looks and feels and highly recommend Sally to anyone who is looking for a skilled and professional beauty therapist.”

– Helen Chauhan


“I have had the pleasure of Sally looking after my skin for 20+ years and honestly you will not find a more caring, experienced, professional and up to date skin specialist. I would not go anywhere else! The treatment room is just amazing and stylish. Was there just last night and left feeling amazing. Thank you gorgeous Sally.”

– Athena Doumas


“Sally is amazing!! I couldn’t recommend anyone more than her to be looking after my face. My skin has dramatically improved within the short amount of time I have seen her. I have previously spent hundreds of dollars in treatments and products that were not suited to me. Not only has Sally been so lovely but she has been so knowledgeable with what will work best with my skin.”

– Rachel Lee Maksimovic


“I have been coming to Sally’s since 1995 and I travel 35 minutes to get there because she is worth it. She is sensitive to my needs and always makes me feel as though I am her VIP Client. She keeps up with the latest trends in skin care and only uses the best products. She doesn’t try to force products on me, she simply “guides” me to the most appropriate products for my skin needs. Thank you Sally.”

– Anneissa Hall-Jacobson


“I have been seeing Sally for close to 20 years now and think she is amazing.  I have followed her from her salons in Hawthorn to her current salon in Prahran and wouldn’t consider going to any other beauty therapist. Sally is great at everything from IPL to waxing to facials which treat specific skin conditions. I thank her and my genes for how good my skin looks today and couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

– Andrea Hayden


“Can’t recommend Sally highly enough. She is ultra professional and caring. My skin has gone through lots of hormone changes since having a baby and Sally was able to help get my skin back on track. The oxygen facial was sublime and the products that she uses are phenomenal. I came out of her salon feeling like my skin was glowing for the first time in a long time.”

– Tash C


“If you have a skin problem then Sally is the person to go to, she has 30 years of experience. Her Micro’s are amazing and come with soooo many extras.  Sally has been an absolute god send to me over the years and I can’t praise her enough.”

– Vicki Skinner


“I call Sally my facial lifesaver. I have been going to Sally now for many years and have followed her from Hawthorn to Prahran. In my 30’s I grew up being self conscious of my skin of which Sally has given me confidence treating my pigmentation, uneven skin and works her wonders with settling my breakouts. I love the weeks post treatment having smooth skin and maintain using the products at home.”

– Angela Alexopoulos


“Sally, you are amazing! I have been going to Sally for many many years and I would not go anywhere else. Last year I lived in Rosebud and still travelled to her. My skin use to be very prone to breakouts, uneven tone and marks from the breakouts. Since going to Sally I have glowing skin and always get compliments. I can say I am one of the lucky ones that found you!!”

– Maria Tarevski

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